Dental Impactions

Some of us get our adult teeth on schedule, some early, some late, and some are left to wonder if a tooth or two might have gotten lost somewhere under their gums. When that happens, we call it an impacted tooth - a tooth that is stuck and not able to erupt...

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Did You Know... Check Out Some of the Weirdest Dental Traditions Throughout History

Many strange things lie buried in the history of dental care and hygiene, but we think these five traditions really stand out. (Although we don’t recommend any of them!)..

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Braces Related Myth Busting

There is a lot of false information out there about braces and what it’s like to have them. Our Orchard of Smiles Orthodontics team is here to bust our way through a few of the most popular braces myths getting in between people and the properly aligned smiles that they could have!..

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Careers in Dentistry

The dental career everyone is most familiar with is the private practice dentist, meaning an individual dentist or a partnership working with local patients in their own practice...

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