What is an Underbite?

What is an underbite? Orchard of Smiles Orthodontics would like to bring attention to this common malocclusion. An underbite is when the lower jaw and teeth sit ahead of the upper jaw and teeth. Prolonged underbite can lead to numerous undesired consequences...

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Deep Bite Considerations

August is National Wellness Month and Orchard of Smiles Orthodontics is celebrating! We would like to promote awareness about a common malocclusion: deep bite. A deep bite is a variation from a desired bite in which the upper front teeth excessively overlap the bottom front teeth when back teeth are together. While a deep bite may or may not be an aesthetic concern, it is usually accompanied by other functional considerations...

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Are You Ready To Go Bananas?

Did you know that bananas are good for your teeth?! Bananas are rich in fiber, vitamin C and B6. Bananas are also full of minerals (such as potassium, magnesium and manganese) - which help strengthen dental enamel. In addition, the pH of bananas is about 5..

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Understanding Tongue Thrust

Did you know that 'tongue thrust' is a dysfunctional muscle pattern and constitutes a myofunctional disorder? Tongue thrust is defined as tongue protruding anteriorly or laterally when swallowing, during speech and when tongue is resting. The tongue should normally move upward against the roof of the mouth to form a seal so swallowing can occur. With a tongue thrust, the tongue moved between upper and lower front teeth. Over time this muscle pattern can lead to a narrow and V-shaped upper arch, cause the front teeth to tilt forward too much, and can contribute to the development of an open bite...

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