Orthodontic Treatment in Adults

Many adults assume that they missed their shot at straight teeth by not getting orthodontic treatment in their teens, but that is just a myth! We're about to debunk all the excuses standing in between adults and the beautiful smiles they have always wanted.

#1 "But it's too late to move my teeth."

While it is easier to shift an adolescent patient's teeth, adult patients make up the difference by being more mature, responsible and better at following the orthodontic instructions.

#2 "But crooked teeth aren't really a problem."

Straight teeth are generally better all around. They are more aesthetic, easier to keep clean and they make it easier to chew, breathe, and speak clearly.

#3 "But wearing braces will make me look unprofessional."

As a culture, we tend to associate braces with teenagers and youth. However, modern orthodontic treatment includes a variety of low-profile and aesthetic bracket options for any patients who don't want to broadcast their braces journey to the world. At Orchard of Smiles Orthodontics, we have white gold or 'champagne' braces as well as ceramic clear braces that our adult patients find very discreet. We also have various aligner treatment modalities, such as Invisalign, that may be a sophisticated and aesthetic alternative for your busy lifestyle.

#4 "But orthodontic treatment is expensive."

Braces do cost more than a typical dental appointment, but they are a major investment in your dental health and future. They can save on the cost of problems that may develop in the future due to crooked teeth, bad bite or periodontal complications. Furthermore, it is hard to put a price tag on a boost in self-confidence!

Did you know that our practice is in network with most major insurances and you may already have orthodontic benefits that you are not aware of? We also offer an interest free, budget friendly payment plans that may fit seamlessly into your monthly budget!

At Orchard of Smiles Orthodontics nearly half of our patients are adults! Call us today or schedule your FREE orthodontic consultation directly from our website today to learn more about orthodontics and treatment options that may fit your lifestyle and budget!

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