How To Make It To Braces-Off Day Stain Free

Stains are bad enough on our clothes... we especially do not want them on our teeth! Nothing can tarnish the joy and accomplishment of Braces-Off day like discolored patches where the brackets used to be. Where do these stains come from and how can patients avoid them?

Braces-wearers are more susceptible to stains than they would be otherwise, but stains are not inevitable. They happen because effective brushing and flossing is harder with all that hardware in the way, giving food particles and plaque countless new crevices and hiding places out of reach of a toothbrush. When plaque builds up around brackets, it can leave decalcified patches (also known as white spots) on the tooth's surface - which become very noticeable when the braces come off.

The best way to prevent white spots and other stains is with good oral hygiene habits. Brush thoroughly at least twice a day (ideally after every meal), floss daily, use a waterpik daily and keep up with regular dental check-up appointments. This will keep plaque under control, and the hygienist can get rid of whatever plaque or tartar remains.

Also avoid foods and drinks that tend to stain, such as coffee, dark tea, and colas. The dark-colored compounds in them can stain teeth directly. Acidic drinks (like soda), sugary treats, and starch-filled snacks can stain indirectly by eroding enamel or sticking to it and contributing to plaque buildup. Tobacco and alcohol are also huge stain culprits! Please reach out directly to learn more.

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