The Benefits of Straight Teeth

Having a perfectly straight smile is not just better looking, it's healthier! Let's take a look at some of the other straight teeth benefits...

Straight teeth lead to better oral health. This is because they are easier to keep clean by daily brushing and flossing than teeth that are very crowded (since more surface area is available to reach and clean).

Straight teeth are less prone to grinding. Teeth that are not aligned properly can create a grinding tendency due to bite interferences, leading to excessive wear, damage and erosion. It can even contribute to jaw problems.

In order to speak clearly, it helps to have our teeth positioned correctly. That is correct, straight teeth facilitate proper enunciation and articulation of words. Straight teeth make lisping and other pronunciation problems less likely.

Possibly the most surprising benefit to straight teeth is better digestion! It can be hard to chew effectively with a bad bite or crowding issues, and that can contribute to digestive problems like acid reflux and stomach discomfort. With straight teeth, it will be much easier to chew food thoroughly. The resulting improvement with digestion will in turn contribute to overall health and well-being.

Properly aligned teeth and a beautiful smile also have psychosocial benefits. Straight teeth have been shown to contribute to improved self-confidence! It is easier to smile freely when your teeth are straight and you love your smile!

The more you know the more you grow... Do not delay, schedule your COMPLIMENTARY orthodontic consultation today!

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