DON'T Take Dental Advice From TikTok!

Unless a dentist is an active TikTok user, it's not a good idea to get dental health advice from social media. We have noticed a lot of dangerous DIY ideas popping up so let's take a minute to nip them in the bud.

1. "Healthy Soda"

No soda is truly healthy for teeth, as the bubbles in soda come from acid and teeth are highly vulnerable to acid erosion. Sparkling water and balsamic vinegar (the combo in the trend) do not make a healthier soda alternative because that's just two acids mixed together!

2. "Veneers Check"

Some TikTok users are filing their own teeth down to pegs prior to crown restorations. PLEASE do not do this! It can lead to nerve damage or the need for root canals and can even lead to previously healthy teeth needing to be pulled. Teeth do not typically get filed down before veneers anyway!

3. Home Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening

Swishing 3% hydrogen peroxide is not a good way to whiten teeth. It can cause long-lasting sensitivity and gum irritation. Go to the dentist for whitening recommendations and good results!

4. DIY Braces

It takes orthodontists years of education and training to learn how to effectively move teeth into their correct positions. This is not something a random TikTok user can figure out with rubber bands and paper clips. DIY braces lead to bad results and sometimes tooth loss!

Please give our office a call if you have any questions. Orchard of Smiles Orthodontics always strives to be a resource for the local community members. The more you know the more you grow!

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