Summer is a Great Time to Start Orthodontic Treatment

At Orchard of Smiles Orthodontics we love nothing more than helping our patients improve their smiles in every way! Orthodontic treatment involves much more than just a beautiful smile and straight teeth. Your orthodontic journey may be your pathway to better dental health and function. Ideal occlusion and orthodontic alignment enables more even dental wear, better access for hygiene facilitating periodontal health, and better dental stability among other benefits. Plus, a more aesthetic and functional smile usually also brings tremendous psycho-social benefits to our patients. To that end, now that the summer is here, it is the ideal time to begin your orthodontic smile blossoming journey to a better smile!

The school year is usually very rigorous and intensive for many students with school, homework, projects, sports, extracurricular activities, music lessons, enrichment programs, college planning, and social functions to juggle. The summer vacation brings with it a lot of leisurely, lazy days that are perfect for the longer initial appointments to get started with your orthodontic treatment. Thus, there is no need to miss school or other extracurricular activities that kids juggle during the school year. Furthermore, with the downtime that the summer vacation offers, starting orthodontic treatment is an ideal time to adjust to the new appliances in your mouth. With the initial adjustment period before the onset of the school year, one can adjust physically and mentally to the look and feel of the new braces before the workload and the rigors of the school year resume. Since there is more flexibility and freedom from extra busy schedules, children can also spend the time necessary to adapt to the necessary dietary changes, acquire the appropriate oral hygiene tools, and implement the ideal hygiene protocols that are necessary during the course of the orthodontic treatment. With the initial investment of time and adaptation to the braces behind them, kids will be more rested and refueled to start the school year on the right note and dive into their busy, productive schedules.

Our team is a phone call away, and we are always available to answer your questions. Let us help you determine if orthodontic treatment would be beneficial for you or your loved ones this summer. Please call our office at 267.991.9690 to schedule your complimentary orthodontic consultation or you can schedule 24/7 directly from our website We look forward to meeting you, answering all of your orthodontic questions and we would be honored to be part of your smile blossoming journey!

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