TEETHING CAN BE upsetting for babies and their parents alike! We’re here to help with a few simple teething tips:

1. Learn to spot signs of teething:

Typically around the six-month mark, the first teeth will begin to emerge. A teething baby may show behavioral changes that are actually teething symptoms, such as decreased interest in breastfeeding, excessive drooling, refusal of foods they normally like, difficulty sleeping, or general irritability. They might also become more interested in chewing or sucking on things.

2. Recognize what IS NOT a sign of teething:

Sometimes parents misidentify other symptoms as having to do with teething, when it could be an unrelated illness. A runny nose, fever, or diarrhea could be signs of a viral infection. Consult a pediatrician if they get worse.

3. Try different soothing techniques:

Continue nursing if possible, and provide something safe to chew on like a teething toy, but be cautious when choosing teething toys. Make sure they do not contain PVC, BPA, or phthalates (all chemical compounds that potentially cause harm if ingested by a child). Some toys can be chilled or refrigerated to provide extra relief, and some can be fastened to the child’s clothing.

Bring Us Your Teething Questions

If you are stressing over your child’s teething symptoms, do not hesitate to get in touch! This is a strange new experience for both you and your child, and we are here to help. Also keep in mind that as soon as the first tooth appears, it’s a great time for the baby's first dental visit. Your child deserves the best, including the best of dental health treatment. So be sure to schedule his or her first dental appointment with a pediatric dentist around that time.

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