Orthodontics: Beauty AND Function

Did you know that orthodontic treatment extends far beyond a beautiful smile and straight teeth?! There are SO many dental health and function related benefits of orthodontic treatment:

* Establishment of a more ideal bite enables more even force distribution & wear of all of your teeth, hence minimizing the chance of dental chipping, cracking and other restorative needs down the road.

* Unraveling dental crowding allows better access with oral hygiene and minimizes the risk of periodontal disease.

* Studies have shown that correcting excessive overjet (excessive gap between upper and lower front teeth) minimizes the risk of trauma to the front teeth.

* Correction of deep bite can protect your front teeth from excessive and uneven wear. Less dental wear can minimize dental sensitivity, development of craze lines (small vertical cracks in the enamel) and other restorative needs in the future.

* Correction of a crossbite can benefit periodontal health of the teeth affected and can potentially benefit the TMJ stability.

There are so many more dental benefits of a healthy, functional bite as a result of orthodontic treatment. Remember, we only have ONE set of permanent teeth that last us a lifetime - make sure you treat them well!

Are you ready to FALL into a GOURDgeous & healthy smile this holiday season?!

Schedule your FREE orthodontic consultation today with our Board certified orthodontist, Dr. Anna Morrison to learn more! The more you know the more you grow...

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