Adults and Orthodontics

The default image that pops into our heads when we think of braces is usually of a teenage orthodontic patient, but more and more adults are getting their teeth straightened. It's generally more ideal to get braces as a teen, but no one is too old to get a straighter smile.

Even people who had braces as teens might end up needing them again, because our teeth shift constantly over the course of our lives. Discontinuation of retainer wear, enamel loss, tooth grinding, tooth loss, and something as simple as persistently mouth-breathing, leaning one's head on one's hand persistently, or stomach-sleeping can cause dental shifting.

Good dental hygiene habits, side-sleeping and back-sleeping and nose-breathing are all better for dental alignment, but they can not undo shifting what already happened, and that's where orthodontic treatment comes in. Teeth of any age will respond to orthodontic appliances, and adult patients have one advantage over their teen counterparts: they are more mature and better able to follow the orthodontist's instructions to the letter. That means better and timelier orthodontic results!

Many people who could benefit from orthodontic treatment avoid it because they don't want to be a fully grown adult who is a "brace-face." Luckily, clear aligners have revolutionized orthodontic care delivery and can frequently give them the same results without a mouth full of metal braces. This transformation can be a subtle one.

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