Direct to Consumer Orthodontics

If you are contemplating orthodontic treatment, we recommend scheduling a complimentary orthodontic consultation with Orchard of Smiles Orthodontics for a comprehensive discussion about your unique diagnostic findings, orthodontic treatment goals and treatment alternatives. You may be aware and wondering about the direct to consumer orthodontic treatments that are also available on the market. We wanted to educate our community members and also warn them about the potential risks of direct to consumer orthodontic treatment modalities.

Direct to consumer aligners may seem like a convenient and cost effective solution for your busy schedule, bypassing the in-person appliance insert and adjustment appointments by your treating orthodontist. The challenge is that you will not receive the personalized, tailored and individualized attention by your orthodontist every step of your orthodontic treatment journey. You are essentially on your own. This raises the concerns about undesired periodontal and dental side effects, treatment safety, comfort, and orthodontic treatment outcomes.

It is important to note that routine and attentive oversight by your orthodontist is a critical ingredient for the success of your orthodontic treatment. Sometimes things do not go as planned, and unique circumstances arise during the course of your orthodontic treatment. Your treating orthodontist will be monitoring your treatment progress routinely and closely. She can pivot or adjust according to the treatment progress and the arising individual needs to keep your treatment on a safe, efficient and effective course. What other medical treatment would you consider undergoing without an initial in-person examination and consultation and during treatment in-person supervision by a medical professional?

American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) released an 'AAO Consumer Alert' informing the public about the risks and side effects of direct to consumer orthodontic treatment. Please do your research before making an educated decision about the optimal orthodontic treatment course for you or a family member.

To learn more, please schedule your complimentary orthodontic consultation with Dr. Anna Morrison, our board certified orthodontist. For your convenience, you can schedule a consultation appointment 24/7 directly from our website You are also welcome to call our office at 267.991.9690 to schedule your free consultation as well. We look forward to meeting you, answering all of your orthodontic questions, and we would be honored to be part of your smile blossoming journey!

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